Our Mission

M&T Logistics Inc is a dynamic, customer service minded firm with a professional staff possessing decades of experience handling the ever-evolving transportation and logistics industry.  Logistics is planning, controlling and monitoring information, your information and your requirements.  We understand the demands of your logistical needs and base our business on supporting your deadlines.  Through our use of innovative practices and cutting edge tools we can optimize the technology and equipment needed to give you a competitive advantage.  By becoming an extension of your business, M&T Logistics Inc will focus on your special needs as a shipper.

In today's fast paced world you need answers now!  We strongly oppose getting lost in the automation.  This is why during our hours of operation you will never be greeted by voicemail, but only addressed by a friendly, highly trained member of our staff.  And if you can surf the web, we invite you to access our online tracking system.  While training is not needed our customer service team is available for assistance and support.   A personal password can be assigned enabling viewing of your shipment and account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have one mission and it is to strive to become your total logistics service and encourage a mutually beneficial, long lasting partnership.